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Most people get their Inspiration from family members mine comes from my friends nan. ‘Nanna peg’ Nanna peg is the epitome of what you want to be like as you get older, her hair is as big as her head, her jewellery sparkles brighter than the Eiffel tower and her face is make up perfection. Nanna peg has many quotes to live by but there is one that sticks in my mind. ‘If you don’t put colour on your lips, the boys won’t know where to kiss’ so here’s a blog dedicated to my friend Mia’s Nanna.

MY TOP FOUR LIQUID LIPSTICKS (as not to bore everyone)

1. SLEEK – BIRTHDAY SUIT. My ultimate favourite liquid lipstick is by sleek. It is not expensive, it lasts all day, it’s not like a soufflé lipstick that rubs away after a drink and the colour is perfect for my skin tone. I also find if you have smaller lips it is good to create a fuller looking pout! I would recommend to everyone!


I love colourpop lipsticks. I think the colours are on point without being really expensive. The problem with this lipstick is it comes from the states, however a lot of the colours are the perfect match to Kylie Jenner lip kits but a fraction of the price. The texture is slightly rougher than my sleek lipstick but again stays on all night!

I was quite sceptical of the NYX liquid suede lipsticks as the texture is quite soft and seems to take a longer drying time however when its on your lips they look supple and inviting plus it comes in a gorgeous deep red shade that is perfect for Christmas.

This liquid lipstick wins hands down for colour and now the formula has been improved giving a better texture. The main pro with this kit is the fact it is a kit i.e you get a lip liner made exactly for the lipstick, which can be a challenge with the other brands. The downside to this is because its from the states you get a surprise tax upon receipt of around £11.00.

If you really aren’t a fan of liquid lipsticks but struggle to get your lipstick to last all night, Ive found if you put a layer of powder over your lipstick and finish with setting spray it tends to work just as well as liquid with lasting power!

Love you xxxx ❤️🌹🦄

5 thoughts on “LIQUID LIPSTICK 101

  1. Sleek is my less favourite. Check review on my blog if you wanna see. Please comment if you want to I would be glad to see your opinion. Love the colourpop lipsticks and Nyx but Sleek dries my lips completely and crumbles on my lips like hell.

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