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November is all over. But we had some good times and I will miss you! So rather then chatter on I’m going to talk through my November highlights.


My products! I have used these products for most of novemeber and I can’t see it changing I’m in love with each and everyone of these babies! List follows;

Hoola  – recently got this bronzer the colour is on point. It gives you a nice holiday colour without the winter troubles of looking orange.

Maxfactor masterpeice mascara – simply makes my lashes lushous and long.

Urban decay – this all night setting spray does exactly as it says on the bottle. 5 stars from me!

Mac – prolongwear lip liner stays on forever not too soft and applies easily.

Real techniques – this foundation brush is life saver and blends so nicely

NYX liquid cream – the colour is cairo and is the perfect colour for a nude lip and so cheap.

Benefit – dip brow is amazing, I brought this to try and get the fade, not yet mastered it but does give me good definition on my brow.

Topshop gold glitter pot – this is perfect for winter to add some shimmer day or night along with maxfactor cream pot eyeshadow perfect for deep smokey eye at night.


Moving on to foodies. I LURRRVVEEE peanut butter, I love it so much it was getting abit rediculous, I was getting through a large tub in three days. So when I found this beauty that had like half the calories of normal peanut butter I nearly cried. Plus side it tastes so good!


FASHION – yes I always want to shout it, confessions of a shopaholic is my film, I feel exactly like she does walking into stores. However I haven’t had much free time so I went online to prettt little thing! I absolutely love these leggings and bag. A lot of my friends asked me where they were from but I think they might be sold out now. If your not as tight on the purse strings as me topshop has a similar version.


Speaking of topshop my favourite product so far this month is my glow pot! My cheeks look highlighted, shimmery, sparkley, can also use in the corner of your eyes to make them pop!


Finally my Vivienne Westwood orbe earrings. They look soo sparkely I wear them all day all night they are stunning to glam up any outfit.

Thats all folks!!

Love you xxx 💃🏾❤️👯

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