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Hey honeys last weekend I went to york too see my second family the donockleys!
Pretty sure my second family are the most talented family! Mummy D is a skilled potter and amazing crafts lady making homemade wreath and wood stars. Dad D is a clever baker, magician and rock star! Soo just your average family!

Anyway back to york. York is so beautiful and quaint. The shambles is Europes oldest street, it used to be where butchers would hang their catch outside, the street is designed so the blood from the animals would steam downwards, so I am told! But anyway the Christmas market is all wooden huts with vans and vans of winter cider and mulled wine! Is so pretty but was absolutely rammed!!


homemade Thai, glass of prosecco and planes, trains and auto mobiles. If you have never seen this film get it on. Absolutely hilarious! I’m serious… Do it!!


Homemade sushi using sushi Bazooka (seriously get one of these I’m impressed and so easy), homemade walnut bread, off the to market, sipping cocktails in Lucia and filling our faces with little platters! (Lucia is the nicest restaurant in york, sit outside with blankets and outside heaters, you feel like you’ve just stepped out of England and jumped to the Caribbean). A word of warning Lucias is hard to find as it’s nicely tucked away and you can’t book tables so you can end up drinking your weight in cocktails while waiting!


My first try of marmite, that’s right never tried it and honestly I quite like it! Then we watched daddy D playing at Wembley. It was amazing to see it on DVD after being there in person!

That was the end of my time in York and already looking forward to my next trip!!

Love you babes xxxx

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