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Hey everybody! So Christmas is coming up, money is tight but I of course still  lurrrvvveee shopping which is a real problem. So I’ve decided to go on a depop bargain shop! Drum rolll….

Off I went(to my sofa!) Decided to have a little scout around searching through hash tags, brands blah blah blah. I had in mind a few things I wanted to buy so that helped in my search. Once I found one item I then went through all of their products. The great thing about depop is you get all sorts, little independent businesses, start outs, more established businesses, home sellers, bloggers selling off their promo outfits. It’s great there is EVERYTHING!! So little chicks this is what I found on my depop haul!

These chokers in image below are bae!! I knew I wanted one and ended up buying three so there will be some very lucky friends this Christmas! I brought two from offbeatchokers and one from vvvch. Off beat chokers are literally amazing!! There so sparkley and have a good amount of rows, vvvch are on the carpet end not as many rows but still fab love them all!

Up next we have a black fur coat, I basically searched for this as I knew I wanted one but just not the price tag! I found this one sold by rosiemaexa. From new look but thought it had great potential! So my aim of the game is too take the zip off the front and replace with some cute buttons and a Chanel style broooch. You can get these from but that’s another blog!

Moving on too a sexy little sparkley Kendall inspired dress. This was my favourite purchase it looks fab for this time of year and cocktails with your honeys. This one was from taytayxxx she has some really good bits like a bargain Barrel.


On to this stunning pressed glitter eye shadow! These have their own little depop store but they have sooo many colours to chose from I’m impressed and after buying they give you instructions! I like supporting and there only a few quids!! The name for following is on the image below.

Finally I brought these 3D mink lashes and there beaut!!! Not overly expensive… I’m obsessed All in all really enjoyed this haul and people get some bargains from this šŸ’•

Love you kids xxxxx

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