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I’ve recently been trying to sort through and festive up my room! I’ve decided to do this blog as me and my sister are basically obsessed with blogs and vlogs it’s like readings a book, watching tv to us now. So anyway a night ago we decided to obviously watch some vlogs, the one we watched was a girl called Nicole Guerierro she had an amazing beauty room! It was incredible if u have free time watch some you will walk away so jealous. So right now I have no room for a beauty room so I have my beauty area and this is what it looks like….


I found this mirror as its cute and vintage looking and was in storage in the house so it’s free! I then went to Asda Christmas light reduced section and found these beautiful little bulb lights for only £2.50. I wrapped them around and created my vanity mirror!! Walaaa


I brought this little white basket organiser from home sense, was fairly cheap and will do the job. In each compartment I put a theme:

  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Lashes


So each of the draws below I themed again:

  • Jewellery
  • Nails
  • Face and body


Every beauty room needs some nice decor so here’s a list of what I went for:

  • Flowers – Brighten up the room
  • Large Yankee candle -vanilla
  • Crystal pot and plate – used for earings and make up brushes
  • Extra lights – for extra bling

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