Hellooooo everybody here is my quick 2 second beauty fix. Okay so maybe longer than two seconds or the reading material would be pretty shocking. However I’m going to strive to do these regularly in between my other blogs!

Basically the I’m just going to tell you about one product which is a quick fix for your face in one way or another. So today we have….

Yes it’s my aloe Vera gel.

Right here’s a quick low down on…

My skin, it’s rashy, occasionally spotty (usually after drinking) and a lot of the puffy. I would say my skin type is what, combination probably, I do get oily but if I’ve just had a bath my face really does feel like leather!! Ain’t nobody got time for that! I think I’ve just made myself sound like a horror movie.. Anyway back to the gel, so this gel is a little wonder. I think this product is meant for I guess sunburn? But who cares. It cools my face right down getting rid of all my symptoms:

  • Puffy
  • Rash
  • Oil
  • Spotty

It does this as the cooling agent gets to work on the puff and rash, the tee tree works on my spots and as it’s a gel the seems to set on your skin it takes away oil in fact so much sometimes I will dab a bit of moisturiser on after as I love a dewy look. I swear if you buy one product for your skin get this! It’s dirt cheap too me thinks!!

Thanks little angels.

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