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Happpyyy Christmas everyone!!! Hope your all having an amazing day. I’ve had a day of dog walking, masses of food, present opening and film watching, just managed to fit in a little sleep too! It’s my puppies first Christmas and she is now so tired she doesn’t even want the Christmas pudding. 
Also side note does anyone else do this, Open your presents then spend the morning decorating yourself in bows! 

Thought I would do a what I got for Christmas blog. I will do a selection as I was spoilt this year and you would all be asleep by the time I finish. I’m going to pick out some of my favourites, high budget and low budget for you all! 

Before we get to that I just wrote my whole blog and missed these things out that need to be featured, sake Charlotte. Here we go Iconic contour powder set, W7 palette, nails inc varnishes and these socks in a box. ❤️


  1. Slay cosmetics – These brushes from mumma are so soft and so easy to use. They called tooth brush make up brushes. There so easy to work with and amazing for Contour. I also now feel like I’ve come straight off the titanic! 
  2. Oleg Cassini crystal – my nanna got me this, she knows me so well it’s ultra glam (love anything glam) and looks so perfect on my dressing table. These can also be used as a paperweight but I’m all for ornaments!
  3. Swarovski crystal pen – Okay I know your all thinking ‘Charlotte why do you need a pen by Swarovski?’ Realistically I don’t but now I can say I have one and I quite like saying it! 
  4. Lush – ruby slippers. This was from my sister and I’m guessing most people have had these products before if not where have you been? These smell and feel like little angels are getting in your bath. Ruby slippers is a glitter shoe 👠 you break parts off and run them under the tap to go into the water! If u don’t have these just trust me buy them! 
  5. Kylie cosmetics – maliboo and candy k. Mumma again, really nice colours and smell and taste so good I sometimes consider eating them. 
  6. Kapten & son – watch. This is a rose gold watch the metal strap is beaut and I really do think a watch can finish an outfit, forget the time an all that malark! 
  7. Gluten free receipe book- this book is hilarious, from my sister again. It has some really good gluten free receipes along with paelo and other diets, also at the back of the book is a prayer asking why he almighty would curse us with this problem. Great read! 
  8. Ring light – I got a ring light for doing my blogs as really helps if your trying to get finer detail and well let’s be honest everyone looks amazing under a ring light. 
  9. Bag – This bag as actually from primark! I’m as shocked as you but it’s sooo cute and you would never know. Love it! 
  10. Bvlgari make up bag – This is from my aunte, super cute and handy for traveling. Also came with face almultion which is super soft on my skin.
  11. Lounge wear – I got gorgeous lounge wear set from santa! It’s so cosy and super sexy! I lurrrvvveeeee (p.s mum if your reading this it’s like wearing a crop, don’t have a heart attack) 

Hope u all have a fab rest of the day


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