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Oh my god I just wrote out my whole shopping list and managed to delete it sooo fustrating šŸ™ˆ so here is round 2 with probably some things missing! 

Heyyyy my beauties, I’ve had such a good Christmas time and it’s so sad when it’s all over. I’ve had so many highlights, Christmas caroling at my nannas care home, playing who am I (this game is sooo funny), making bread (queen bread maker here),drinks and meals with friends and family so on and so on it’s been lovely! However new year is lurking and I now finally have money to buys some things! Just so happens is the best time of year to be buying!!! 

That’s right sales have hit!!! And I’m getting on it like nothing else…………..So here’s a look at

My shopping list and if anyone knows places I can get these on the high street please help!! I will be going to Meadowhall tomorrow with one of my girls so I’m hoping she will also lend a hand! 

  1. Murad age reform – This cream is life but expensive. Will do skin care this week. 
  2. Ball gown – I am desperate for this as need it before sat! I was thinking backless or mesh! Is so tough to find a good quality one. 
  3. Kiehls reviving consentrate 
  4. New eyelashes -not sure what make yet. 
  5. Cleanser/ toner – no 7 
  6. Moisturiser 
  7. Skinny high waisted jeans – live in these. River island 
  8. Boots smaller heal – have cute mesh boots I love but there too high for day. 
  9. Leather jacket – mine was stolen 
  10. Mascara 
  11. Nyx liquid lipstick 
  12. Long diamantĆ© earring – can’t beat for New Years 
  13. Baby skin primer 
  14. Whitening tooth paste 
  15. Sushi Bazuca an set! 
  16. Chanel brooch 

I will probably end up with half these products but if anyone can help please do! Also if you want to know anymore about the products on my shopping list please ask! Love yousss xxxx

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