Alrighttt peeps!! I was gunna wait an not blog till nye. Maybe because I’m feeling so lazy at night. It is soo cold I just wanna be wrapped up and watch movies all night! Also I just ate a box of fudge, not one piece no I went for the whole frigging box! But hey I figured I have like what one day left of the year, I’m gunna go out with a bang and an extra 10kg. 

Here we go my skin care. It’s actually pretty boring but it works so I guess why fix something that’s not broke. Is that even a saying? I don’t know. Okay shhh Charlotte. 

NO. 7 cleanser 

Started using this like 4 years ago. I like it as it’s cream and does a good job cleaning my face. Shock!

Garnier cleansing water

I don’t know if anyone has tried these but they really are good and you can chose from so many different ones! There’s some with oil in if your skin is dry. Here’s what I use. 

No7 anti aging serum and eye serum. 

These are brilliant. Yes most my skin care no7 but really they work. So these are actually proven to reduce wrinkles and even if they werent my skin feels softer and plumper after using. Like you have had a really good rest! Definitely recommend 


I use this on occasion as well it’s £60.00 per bottle which is pretty small. The difference to your skin is incredible. It’s a miracle worker, you will notice big difference but it’s weather you can afford to do it all the time. 

Once a week I will do a face mask. Usually peel off cucumber. But I have a selection. 

Moisturiser clarins 

This moisturiser is just a moisturiser, but that’s good as it does what it says on the bottle and your skin will feel like skin that’s never been used. (Why the hell did I just say that really…. skin that’s never been used ffs) 


I use just pure tea tree for spots. Seems to be the only thing to get rid of them. Here’s which I get (just a home brand). 

Right before this blog gets any stranger I’ll leave it there. But hope you enjoyed my skin care and get some ideas to add too yours. 

6 thoughts on “SKIN CARE ROUTINE

  1. Nagyon rossz a helyzet Pakisztánban. Nem képesek rendet tartani a saját portájukon, Afgnaisztánnal határos területeiken a tálibok gyakorlatilag azt csinálnak ami akarnak, és most még védelmet is biztosítanak nekik az amerikaiakkal szemben. Ott bujkált Oszama a kertjeik alatt, és nem sikerült észrevenniük. Hogyan akarnak bármit is elérni, ha a saját területüket nem képesek ellenőrzés alatt tartani?Tetszik / Egyetértek: 2 Az értékeléshez be kell

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