Hiii everyone. December is over which is sad but lucky for me my birthday is in Jan! There was so much I enjoyed in December that my favourites had become quite long! So I will try to keep it snappy. There actually aren’t many beauty products that have stood out for me so it’s a bit of a lucky dip, a little like a tom-bola (does anyone remember doing that as a kid, just to end up pulling out a bar of deodorant soap). Anyway here’s my favourites: 


Basically the whole of December I spent trying to find my most glam and glitzy items and makeup I could, so these glitter lips and pressed glitters fit the bill perfectly and there soo pretty on! Here’s me and my friend in #glitterlips and me in my pressed glitter eyes.


This show I don’t know if anyone watches but if not I urge you to watch it’s like a concert with girls you wanna look like and amazing outfits. I was nearly reduced to tears when they told Bella she had passed the Auditon so she could walk with Gigi. Shit I sound crazy but I totally get it, my sister once got picked to dance in the theatre and I didn’t make it. But the year we got picked together was damazing! Also watch Adriana Limas walk she slays that catwalk! 


I always try these different flavour green teas in hopes I will feel like I’m eating chocolate without the sugar and fat. Anyway I still eat the chocolate but this fudge tea really tastes spot on!! 

4. WEDDING DATE – Sophie kinsella 

Okay I’ve had this book a few tear and never read it but December was the month! It’s so funny and relatable. It’s basically about a girl who’s boyfriend wouldn’t propose so she meets some new and decides to marry them and not have sex till the wedding night. 100% read this book, in fact any of her books she is my favourite author. 


Right I’ve got a little tiny bit obsessed with public desire shoes this month. I am in lurrrvvvveee I have three pairs two mesh and one lace. There completely unique and sexy on your feet. But I really love all there shoes and can see my obsession lasting through Jan. 


Look really there is only one time a year where you really can be totally over the top. These earrings will make you super glam. These were from new look but they have them everywhere so go on a big earring haul. 

7. CONVICTION – tv series 

This to series is soo good like so so so so so good. Basically it’s about a group of people all with their own story who work together looking into cases of people that have been convicted (for murder and such crimes) but were actually innocent! It’s so clever the detail they go into with evidence and they reall make you think. The last one I watched was about a guy on death row. It’s a sky living show on every Wednesday. Make sure you watch it.

Okay that’s me done I think. Hope you liked my favourites and share yours with me please! Xxx 

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