Right I’m only writing this cause I’m so nosey and love to see what other people eat in a day!! Typically I alternate my meals so I will write my two options for each time of the day.

So here goes it’s really good like you will enjoy this one. No I’m joking you will probably only enjoy this if your like me. 

Breaky 1 

2 eggs on 2 sourdough gluten free bits of bread. Ohhh I also sprinkle some parsley on top (not sure why) and occasionally some glaze (so it looks like I can cook).

Breaky 2 

Banana pancakes with a spoon full on PB fit (peanut butter power) – very healthy’. I then put a spoon of alpro almond yogurt with it. This is so yummy and not too naughty. 

Lunch 1 

Tuna and cous cous/rice – this is so bland but I do put a tiny bit of Nando’s hot sauce on this to make it taste better and it’s not bad! 

Lunch 2 

Salmon (one of them frozen packs) with my good old auntie Bessie carrot and swede mash. 

Dinner 1

Turkey mince with grated carrot and onion and pepper and for sauce chopped tomatoes with tomato pure. I put this on a bed of spiralised courgette. Sometimes cheese (downfall). 

Dinner 2 

Quorn chicken with onion and pepper. Then I buy just the spice for fajitas (BBQ my favourite). Mix all together and then take the big leaves off an iceberg lettuce put some of my fajitas mix in it and wrap it up like a fajita. (Occasionally use low fat salsa too) – not that occasional’.

So that’s it for me I don’t really do desert but I love chocolate so on occasion I’ll make a small chocolate pancake to satisfy me. Usually I unwillingly have a treat day once where I just eat bread and chocolate then hate myself for life. It’s a cycle. 

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