London’s Hip Hop Brunch

I had to reblog this so I remember to go!! Sounds so much fun. Next time I’m in London 10000% going!


For those of you that have never experienced the delights of Hip Hop Brunch let me share with you what’s in store if you decide to try what’s been voted “the best brunch in London.”

I bought tickets for the 100th hip hop brunch (it takes place every Saturday), the location is always kept secret until a couple of days before. Ours took place at 100 Wardour Street which you haven’t visited already you should – it’s just off Oxford street and a beautiful place to eat.

My girls and I decided to dress to impress and turned up to the location with little to no expectation- after queueing for a short while (no more than 10 mins) we were let in and let to a dining area and bar. The music was already blasting and the clock had started ticking for the hour of free cocktails. With refillable glasses…

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