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Hey everyone so I went to Manchester with my friend at the weekend to audition for first dates (don’t ask). Basically just decided this year I’m going to do things I wouldn’t normally and also hoping they will match me with some worldie! Anyway while we were there we went to the massive primark. I don’t know if anyone’s ever been but it’s freakkinnn amazing. Its massive to start and there is pretty much a section for everything. You really can’t help but throw your money at it! Here’s how me and my friend got on! 

Love these jeans and the fishnets sexy them up abit! Total £15.00

My friend thought I was a mentalist with this coat but I feel like a queen in it and it’s soo warm plus was only £20.00! 

Here’s Becky with a large tote she found. This bag looks exactly like one you would get in river island but it’s like a fraction of the price at £12.00.

This is when the haul took on new levels! But can I just say, these pull up handle roller baskets are brilliant!

This bra and knickers set is really sexy on! It’s kinda hard to see on a picture but the bra is Lacey and the knickers I just found in a set. They matched perfectly! Although don’t have anyone but myself to show these off to right now (but I appreciate them!) 

I love this bag at only £10.00 looks so expensive! And the CA bodysuit is cute with some highwaisted jeans!

Finally this coat which I’m wearing constantly at the minute was £9.00!! 

And now we take everything back out our baskets wondering if we need it!? The answer is still yes of course and off to the checkout we go! 

9 thoughts on “PRIMARK HAUL

    1. Whatttttt shut the front door! You don’t have it I dunno what I’d do without primark. Like when my shoes break midday and I only have ten quid left 😂! Get yourself a massive haul in! xxxx 💕

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