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My week of hairstyles 

Heyyy everyonneeeeeeeee (reminds me of a school assembly when I say that) anyway sorry I haven’t blogged for a few days but that is because of one reason and one reason only…!!!!!! 

Yeah I didn’t want to ruin my hair by doing these styles in one go! So anyway has taken me a few days to achieve these hairstyles but do you know what? I love them not just a little bit but a whole lot. I could even go as far as to say as much as I love peanut butter and if you don’t know me that is the only love of my life. So here goes, with a few gold rules! 


SPRAY DAMP HAIR WITH HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY – my hair is soo silky smooth and has no damage since using the one below. 

SPRAY FRESH WASHED HAIR WITH DRY SHAMPOO – this helps eliminate flatness (is that a word?) and also helps the style to stick. 

So there we have it all we need to know! Here’s the styles I tried! Also I apologise if I’m pulling funny faces some of these pics as they are screen shots from a video. (Do we still use that word? Video).

DOUBLE BRAID – Do this by learning to plait. (Obviously) I can plait because I used to hate it when my dollys hair was in her face, so I self taught. But if you don’t know how, youtube it! Once you have learnt you can apply it too anything!! So I did two plaits, took two small sections and once done used a pin tail comb to pull out some of the hair for volume! Also small fact in all of these photos I’m wearing my one piece hair extension from secret hair uk. The hair quality is insane and makes my styles look 200 x better. 


This is so simelar to the previous style but works by starting one side of your head, pulling in hair from the front so it looks like a headband then secure with a pin at the other side. Then I back comb as this looks so sooo good with volume.


This is again simple but I think the secret to the topknot is always straighten your hair before just makes the knot form easier. 


That’s right I’m pretty much Beyoncé on these photos! Well not quite, however curls are soooo cute and you can wear them so many ways, also tight curls are trending right now (fact) according to zoella. I don’t have a curling wand as of yet, so I created these curls with ghds and did some scrunching with shine cream! Also curling extensions is tough and some peices without a curling iron just dropped out! 

Think that is all for my styles this week hope you have got some inspiration!!!! Xxx 

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