Hey here’s my quick beauty fix! I’m obsessed with this stuff which is why I’m sharing as I feel like everyone should be obsessed. I’m talking about Elizabeth Arden moisturiser. It’s an eight hour all over miracle oil. So here’s why I’m obsessed with it! 

  1. I keep this in my bathroom. Every time I have a bath, I get out and my skin is so dry. I hate using conventional moisturiser because I really can’t be bothered with the stickiness and rubbing in. All I do with this moisturiser is give a few quick sprays and and my legs feel amazing, glowing and hydrated! 
  2. You can use the oil for anything, weather it be face, hair or body. I don’t normally put oil in my hair so if it is feeling dry this is my go to product without having to spend the extra cash. 
  3. It last sooo long which really is what you expect from the title but I do feel it lives up to its name. 
  4. Makes you look radiant. Well actually when I use oil it’s usually on holiday so as soon as I spray this I do feel like I’ve been away. So I would agree it does look radiant. 
  5. It smells nice! This is key ūüĒĎ it’s not over powering but didn’t smell like you have just come off the frying pan! So I would again say that is a win! 

So that’s the end of my quick beauty fix I really hope you all try this it’s my favourite thing right now and it only cost ¬£20.00 which I think is reasonable for a product that is effortless! 

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