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Hey everyone sorry it’s been a while since my post I’ve had my birthday! Was so fun ate loads of cake and had a lovely time with my girlfriends. However yesterday I thought what’s my favourite thing to do after a weekend of madness and it’s have a nice long relaxing bath. So I am going to talk you through my bath time routine. 

Here is my bathroom. My favourite place to chill! I think all bathrooms should be a sanctuary. 

I do have pretty much everything to hand here but I love being able to grab what I need. 

Right at the back of my bath I have my beauty box. This contains my bathroom essentials which I will list below for you! 

  • St tropez self tan – I just feel like this give me the best colour of all the self tanners and I do it in the bathroom as to not make a mess! 
  • Elizabeth Arden prevage serum – I’m testing this out at the minute as it’s quite expensive but my skin does look two million times better. But at £130.00 it needs too! The good news about this is if you buy the Elizabeth Arden eight hour from my previous post you get these samples to try! 
  • Spot stick – I just use a day and night spot stick I purchased from boots. Great thing is you can makeup over this which is why I like it. 
  • Forever marine mask – marine masks are killer as they really do clear all the rubbish out your skin and you really feel like you have had a facial. This one is from forever living. 
  • I then have my hair brush made for extensions. I love this brush in General hair extensions or not. Makes my hair smooth and doesn’t damage it. It’s a stranded brush if anyone is thinking of picking one up. 
  • Then I have Conrad. Conrad is my beautiful rubber duck. I picked this up out of a hotel when I was in Hong Kong. I really couldn’t part from him! 
  • Up next is my lush bath bomb. I think this is a galaxy one but don’t hold me to that. These are so much fun and really do help you unwind. 

Then this is my posh shampoo and conditioner again forever living. It makes my hair feel so silky since using that and my heat protection spray feel like my hair will be long in no time. It is also great cause I get allergys from a lot of products but this seems really gentle on my skin and doesn’t dry it out. 

  • Here I have my massage soap and deodorant soap! I’m really not heavily a soap person but I love this massage soap, its easy to use and relaxing. Deodorant soap, well we all know why we should use that! 
  • Then I have my razor – I always buy guys razors, I  just feel like it’s a closet shave this one is Gillette. 
  • When I get out the bath I will always moisturise which is with my Elizabeth Arden oil incase you didn’t hear me the first twenty times! 
  • Towel wise I use Christy & sons towels. If you have never Had one of their towels you really must invest. There thick and don’t soak. There also super soft and is nice to wrap up with for a lay on your bed after! 
  • Finally this home sign just adds something cosy. This one is from the range around £7.00 
  • The candle was from Asda its vanilla scented and it only cost £5.00 which for the size I thought was great value. 

Thanks everyone for taking a bath with me! See you soon. If anyone has questions on anything please let me know. 

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