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Hey everyone… basically there is something I do to my brows everyday and I feel like it’s genius so I’m gunna share it with you. 

It’s a brow thing, brows brows brows… get the perfect brows all I see and hear constantly and well it’s actually really hard!!! Really really hard. Basically I still haven’t nailed it ” the fade ” but I feel like I have worked out how to really separate my brows. 

Soo here they are …. my hideous brows that im pretty sure have have turned a new leaf 🍃 (I really hope that’s a saying)

Here’s my game changer… my infamous beauty hack. Yes you might never use it, but seriously it really is genius! 


That’s right everyone… I CHARLOTTE mascara my eye brows. However this is what works …. p.s this is my second edit of this and it still doesn’t read great. Apologies! 

Step one – Try really hard not to cover your brows with foundation.

Step two – Use a dip brow to fill in your brow. I start by drawing a box around my brow then fill it in. 

Step three – Grabble at your mascara. I use maxfactor masterpiece mascara as I love the comb it has for separating my lashes and now my brows. 

Step four – There is no step four!! Your brow is (should be) fleeky AF and your now good to walk the streets with your brows leading the way! 

Hope this beauty hack helps!


6 thoughts on “BROW BEAUTY HACK 

  1. I’m a pretty cheap person, so I don’t like to spend all that extra cash on buying “brow pencils”, brow brushes, and brow makeup blah blah blah. I feel like my black macara would just be too dark for my brows, but believe me, i’ve thought about it. What I did was completely wash all the mascara off of an old wand and use that as an eyebrow brush to comb all the little hairs in the right direction. then, I like to take a little chiseled brush and some brown eyeshadow and color them in. sometimes ill even put a little hair gel on my homemade brow brush to make sure the hairs stay in place all day. then once it dried I color them in with the eyeshadow!

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