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Helllooooo yes I’m doing march favourites midway through march because what better time to do it then in march’s prime …. march is in its best days of its life, march is looking so hot right now, march you own it girl, march yourself to the shops because march has what you want!!…

So here’s what’s good. 

I’m taking it old school however I have recently purchased this old baby… this not technically march it’s technically 5 years ago march maybe, but as I’m using it in march it counts. 

1.‘L’Oréal true match roll on foundation!’

This foundation is a flawless game changer, always has been but I forgot about it (what a bitch). Anyway it must be the roller or I dunno something that makes you look airbrushed. However if it’s hot outside power this like mad because you will melt! 

2. Chars beauty box – blog awards! 

Here’s the thing I don’t really know how to do an award blog but I have been nominated 3 times in Feb/March and it’s so exciting so thanks for your recognition and here’s a quick background to my blog. 

Basically I started my blog because I was really jealous of people that have hobbies! I thought what do I like and of course I really like reading everyone’s blogs and I love watching vlogs. So I thought maybe people would enjoy laughing at my attempt and be interested in the same things that I am.

However starting a blog is also scary as I’m sure lots of people think I’m a dickhead or rediculous but it really is fun  and I know my mum reads it so fuck everyone else. I will always have one loyal follower! (And also hopefully all 200 of you!) (and my email subscribers) … blah blah blah I’m so popular 😂

Also you should always do something you enjoy and pursue something your interested in regardless of anyone else. I doubt Harry Potter thought I’m not going to be a wizard because I might get laughed at, NO, he did not! Not only was he the best wizard he had some bloody ugly glasses. That are now called geek sheek! Oh yes he’s not real. 

3. ‘Matt nude polish on a squoval nail’ 

Need I say anymore. NEED I SAY 

But I will, this polish is actually really nice and I really and I mean really hated it to start with! For starters these polishes are gel polish so they last forever! 

For mains they are cheap as Chippies like £2.99 could be less! You buy them from wilkos under the essentials make up section. Bloody amazing 

For desert squoval… Square, Oval … genius and abit more natural looking making your hand look skinnier! (I have fat hands) 

Side note: Apparently it’s a thing to match your nails with your clothes so I can only wear beige right now. 

4. ‘Moschino sunglasses’ 

Hoods off shades on!! I can finally see the sun! Life is great again and really these Audrey cat eye glasses are the one. We have been married off! I actually really barley wear sunglasses but they make me a brilliant head band so that I can get a nice tan on my face!…On this bottom photo I’m like who do I think I am!! 😂😂

5. ‘ Tanning lotion’

Speaking of tan, I use sunbeds don’t hate me personal choice. I don’t use them always but we never see sun here (never). So it makes me feel happy to go on once maybe twice a week (occasionally). 

So if like me you go on occasionally but want to get a mint tan in the ten minutes you have use this cream! I swear to god it kicks ass. But it also kicks your ass as it’s tingle cream so you will think your burning but your not it’s just the blood coming to the surface. However if your new to this only use on your legs and under no circumstances should anyone use on there face. You face will be red raw. The redness goes down after about half an hour and your left with the sickest, darkest tan underneath! 

6. ‘Topshop’ 

Last but never least. I’m off to Barcelona in April and wanted a cute little outfit incase we by some chance get sunshine! Everyone fingers crossed of me please.. keep them there. 

Anyway top and skirt both topshop and I lurrrrvveeee these 😍😍 like I’m dreaming about Barcelona right now. That’s all for today! 


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