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Hiyer peeps! Thought I’d do a blog on how to get big bouncy curls! I’ll keep it short and sweet as I’m sure we all have a life to be living. I’ll show you what technique I use and you can decide if you like it or not! 


  1. Wash 
  2. Towel dry
  3. Heat protection 
  4. Straighten


  1. Section your hair depending how much hair you have to how many sections. I don’t have lots so I only do two rough sections. 
  2. Grab your curling wand. Obviously the bigger the wand the better if not the curls will be tighter. I use this babalyis one below. 
  3. Take a small section of hair. Wrap your wand round it anti-clockwise.  Hold it there for 40 seconds. Take out spray with hair spray.
  4. On the next section wrap the hair round clock wise in order to create a nice wave. Repeat this until all hair is done. 
  5. Small tip: Near the front of your face always use the wand backwards as it’s more flattering to your face. 


  1. Once you have done all sections of hair, brush through the curls and take some styling cream to define them. 
  2. Finished product. Walaaa!!! 

12 thoughts on “BIG BOOTIFUL CURLS GIRLs

    1. Arhh I know what you mean it’s really hard to get the curls just right! I actually watched one of Sarah ashcrofts vlogs on hair curling and she did it this way and it looked amazing so thought I’d try it and been doing it ever since 😂❤️ thanks for reading babe xxx

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    1. Aww thanks babe! Well my hair is really short I just put micro rings in it! So I buy them in and ask the hairdresser to colour my hair to match! It’s a task but it’s nice to have highlights I get a bit bored flat brown always 💕 thanks for reading 😄😄 xx

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