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MORNINGSSS!! Good morning? Heyyyy. Right I’m done with my hellos. So I’m going to do abit of a different blog for me which is question and answer! So lots of people have given me questions and I will answer! SIMPLES! Also I’m aware I’m about to post this and it’s now no longer morning!  WHATS…… Continue reading THE CHARLOTTE Q&A 

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HEEYYYYYY EVERYBODDYYYYY!!! haha welcome back to one of my rediculous shopping sprees. Put ya seat belts on shit is about to go DOWWWNN!!  I’m going to Ibiza !!! Woaahaaaaooo back to the island? Or was it party? Not sure on that but sunset strip is calling my name!! Actually can’t wait. Anyway I thought this…… Continue reading IBIZA HAUL

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Right I’m loving this make up look it’s like TOOO MUCHH, TOOOO FREAAKKKINNNGGG MUCHH!! so thought I would share with yalllll! Why I like it? Because it’s glowy and good for day time without being really boring and I guess you could just apply extra product and it’s good for night.. so what I’m telling…… Continue reading MAKE ME UP LOOK

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Okay so this is a day late being posted but I was just like living my life!!  Putting my phone down and enjoying the weather!  Do you ever think like, what would of happened to the world if we never had mobiles!?  We would actually have to talk to each other Girls would be worse…… Continue reading MY WEEK IN OUTFITS 

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Hey everyone I thought I would just write a quick fix to hair growing! I figure this is great as guys and girls can use my bizarre tips if you wish!  HAIR MASK  I use a conditioning mask once a week. I do this because everyday conditioner will quickly coat your hair but a mask…… Continue reading MERMAID HAIR DONT CARE

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That’s right my room is looking .. oh so on point right now, so I thought I would share my newly decorated room and inspo with you all.   It’s not quite finished so at the bottom I will list off things I still want to get, just to finish it off!  Writting this blog…… Continue reading SLAY YOUR WAY TO MY BAE ROOM