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That’s right my room is looking .. oh so on point right now, so I thought I would share my newly decorated room and inspo with you all.  

It’s not quite finished so at the bottom I will list off things I still want to get, just to finish it off! 

Writting this blog has actually made me be so tidy! … moral of the story: No one needs therapy just sort your room out. As Eminem would say, tonight I’m cleaning out my closet! 

So here’s what’s happened. 

  • Walls painted – You will be surprised how many different variations of bloody white there are! Here’s what I went for after half an hour of telling the Crown guy… I really only want white.  This is called ‘White glove’.
  • New bedding – You will see a theme soon….Yes I went white!

 £16.99 double: The range. 

  • New carpet – Hang on one second not white… #fail. However white carpet would be a disaster, but I do wish I had gotten wood instead. 
  • New crushed velvet cushions – My bed is soo sexy with these. I chose greys and silvers. Just felt glam so I went for it. 

Small round: Next £12.00

Two large at back: Ikea £12.00 each 

Two silver velvet: Next £8.00 each 

  • Silver throw. I loved the texture of this and it’s literally so soft. 

£16.00 – Home sense. 

  • Large floor ceiling mirror in white ornate. So basically this is ideal for checking your outfit before you leave the house. Apart from that it just looks like mega glam again! 

Mirror: The range £60.00

Okay so now we have reached my still to get section. 

  • Velvet stool
  • White rug
  • Mirrored light shade 
  • Mirrored dressing table. 

If anyone has ideas where I should get these please let me know! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog! Let me know what you might want me to do next. 


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