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Okay so this is a day late being posted but I was just like living my life!!  Putting my phone down and enjoying the weather! 

Do you ever think like, what would of happened to the world if we never had mobiles!? 

  • We would actually have to talk to each other
  • Girls would be worse looking with no snapchat filters!
  • We would write letters (maybe not) 
  • We would have to take our CV into the shop! 
  • No one would know what their guy is up to so no reason to fall out! 
  • We would have to visit the bank in person. 
  • If we were lost we would have to call R E V E R S E! 
  • Booking holidays would be travel agents. 

Ermm why have we cursed ourselves with phones! However If I didn’t have my phone to write this shit down I would forever be boring everyone. So personally I’m glad. Although romance is niceeeee, yassssss, I would still like to receive letters! 

Anyway back to my blog, I have found some good buys this week so I thought I would share my wardrobe picks of the week! CORSET BELT: thefashionhaus.co.uk – I love corsets at the minute. I actually have a discount code for this one if anyone wants to buy it. Use ‘CHARLOTTE10’. You need one of these in your wardrobe. CROCHET BIKINI – This one is from avenue32.com however you can pick these up from most stores all vary in price! I love that there handmade! BODYSUIT – This body suit is again from thefashionhaus.co.uk. I’m obsessed with bodysuits mainly cause I’m always wearing my jeans! I think that need to change but there so easy to put on! (My discount code works for this too.)  

RED BACKPACK – So I lovvvee love love red at the minute. I feel like it’s moved out of ‘tacky’ and move to I dunno ‘non tacky’… (this would be a moment I ‘lol’) – this one is from tkmaxx.SLIDERS – I have two pairs of sliders, one furry, one fake leather and I really don’t know the purpose of them, I just know there easy to chuck on and there sooo comfy. So get your self some! Mine are from topshop on the right and Prettylittlething on the left. PVC SKIRT – this skirt is from houseofcb.com, this skirt is EXTRA!! I’m just obsessed and now want a dress version. Finally I’ll leave you on this belt and chocker. Both from Prettylittlething.com get these if you want to look like a sexy little fox! 

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