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Alright so I’m finally getting Round to writing my blog and I figure I’m like what a month behind, A MONTH BEHIND, absolutely shocking of me, like…who am I! Can’t even call myself a blogger I’m like a chef that makes beans. 

Basically I’m going to tell you what I loved in may! Really may was insane! I had the best may, I went on holiday, I brought the nicest products, I wore some sexy little outfits, all I’m saying is may was jokes. June has some living up to do! 

There is so much I love I’m litterally gunna try and shut up and list them for you lot or myself, mainly myself! 


So basically this fire girl at work said that this tan is insane so obviously I listened to her, brought it, love it, can’t live without it! It’s face and neck tan and it’s so nice waking up bronzed, moisturised and it is such a nice colour!


This highlight is the one. I would say it’s great for summer with a tan and the pigment is unreal! 


I really don’t know if this was may, could be June sorry but this film is my favourite this year I pretty much laughed all the way through it. Not sure if it’s a comedy but I was howlllllingg!  


So I wore these sliders all holiday and now I just chill round the house, supermarket anything that requires easy slide on shoes. There so comfy I just can’t take them off so they made the list. 


I don’t know who follows me on Insta but I have an obsession with all of these things in clothes. Wherever I shop I type in one of these and search and guarantee I find something I love! Here’s some of my outfits. 

PINK BODY: topshop 

GINGHAM SKIRT: pretty little thing 

TOP & SKIRT: pretty little thing 

SET: thefashion.haus

TOP: topshop

LEGGINS: pretty little thing 

TOP: Oysho

TROUSERS: thefashion.haus

TOP & SKIRT: river island 

  • FOOD 

Marmite, I’m obsessed now and I had never tried it till this year and may is the month I took the step to buy my first bottle now I’m hooked!! 


So I’m always trying to find new ways of losing weight because I’m a girl okay. I discovered my fitness pal app and have been tracking all my calories. I mean It’s really good because it caluculates how many calories you should eat a day and gives you the date that you will hit your goal weight if you stick to it! I was really surprised how much I must stuff my face cause I am struggling!! 

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