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Yes friends I went to London for the weekend. If you haven’t seen my ridiculous snapchats or sassy pants insta shots then your in for a treat! London has so much to offer. Christmas time on oxford street is a game changer. I’m like a magpie if I see something shiny or sparkling I’m on it and there is no better place for that! Anyway enough talking here’s the low down on my weekend.

Shard 🍸

We stayed in park plaza in Waterloo. Great location however there was no biscuits and only three tea bags in the room. If your like me you want a good brew when you get in, when you get up and before bed!
Charlotte’s score: 6/10


Off to Covent Garden we went. Me and my fleeky friends stomped all the way from water loo to Covent Garden feeling like we owned it. Covent Garden is so pretty and full of little markets, bistros and street acts. We grabbed a mulled wine, watched a juggler and picked up little unique things off the market stalls. This was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Charlottes score: 9/10


I’ve seen a lot of shows in London but Aladdin was like nothing I have seen! The outfits sparkled, the dancers flew around the stage, the production was incredible and the magic carpet scene took me too a whole new world! I wasn’t sure on seeing this but hands down I would see this again.

Charlottes score: 9/10



Of course me and my friends hit the bars. Off we went to Mayfair In our cutest little outfits. The bars we went too was very sophisticated, the girls looked amazing, perfect make up, body-con dresses with large fur jackets and hair to perfection. The guys threw about their money, suited and booted. The drinks were pretty expensive so it helps to work your girly charm!

Playsuit love

Charlottes score: 10/10

Finally of course we went to oxford street saw the beautiful Christmas lights, pretended to swanky in Selfridges and put together in topshop. Oxford street is for everyone if your purse strings are tight grab yourself a free makeover, try the testers and tasters and window shop till your hearts content!

So that’s the end of my winging it in London!

Beautiful photo by Jess

Total score: 11/10

Love you 💃🏾❤️ xxxx

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